Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Urumi - Malayalam Movie Review - Good but not Best

'Urumi' is good but not the best! Good because of many things like direction, cinematography, casting, art direction, dialogue, action, songs etc etc. Not best, because it really lacks a strong storyline, a strong script and a strong patriotic feel that we all expected. Actions sequences are taken very well with much technical perfection.

Director-Santhosh Sivan really deserves appreciation. He made a good piece of art indeed. The movie is pretty worth watching. That won't be an exaggeration if someone says director deserves all claps. Actually it's a director's piece of work! Deepak's song 'aaro ne aaro' is superb & bgm could have been made better!

Genelia played a strong character named 'Ayisha' and she is at her best, I think. Really liked it. I dare to rank her number three in my favorite actress list following Nicole Kidman in 'Australia' and Julia Roberts in 'Notting Hill'. Once I loved Sarah Ashley from 'Australia' & Anna Scot from 'Notting Hill'! Now I love Ayisha from Urumi!!! Actually I was not a Genelia fan before!


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