Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jan Lokpal Bill, Anna Hazare & New Hope

I support Jan Lokpal Bill, Anna Hazare and his noble cause.
Actually it is a new hope. A new hope against corruption and being exploited. 

No one in India supports corruption except those who delayed the Bill for the past decades! As a matter of fact no party which ruled the country made an effort to legalize Lokpal Bill. We all know the reason! 

Someone recently said the bill is against democracy! So what about corruption and being exploited?!!

Anna Hazare is the real Hero. A hero who showed great courage and stood firm on what he believes in. (Some people even tried to play politics in this noble cause too! But Anna Hazare utilized the situation to the world that he is the real hero!)

Millions of people who supported your cause via different ways showed that India being awaken. Indians felt a new feeling of being rejuvenated and we will keep the spark ignited. Hats off. Once again, you are the real hero, real patriot, real India.



ARuN JoSe said...

Just made clear that hes not the new hope!! Forget him!!!

SHINU S said...

@Arun Jose - Yes!!