Monday, December 1, 2008

Bombay Terror Attack 2008

First I wish to publish this blog on the very day of the terrorist attack.

But if I did, then it would be full out of emotions!!! Speaking out of emotions sometimes loses our logic as well as reasoning power, I think. So. . .

We need to speak from our Brain not from our Heart in such a situation.

The terrorists attacked My Nation again. . . They insulted the pride of Indians again. . .

They killed Innocent civilians again. . . They questioned the security of My Land again. . .

They take the lives of our brave soldiers again. . . They made many people helpless again. . .

They made many orphans again. . . They shed tears from mothers of My Country again. . .

They played with the lives of Indians again. . . They made us puppets in their hands for more than 50 long hours. . . They struck the very heart of India again. . .

All for a reason many do not know for certain. . .

Whom do we common people need to blame for???

The Prime Minister???

The Home Minister???

The Defense Minister???

The Chief Minister???

The External affairs Minister???

The Intelligence???


The Government???

No, I wont blame you any one of u!!!

Because I know for certain that it wont change the situation!!! It wont defend the future attacks!!! (I genuinely pray not to be another one. Because If there is another, the victims may be me, may be my mother, may be my brother, may be my friends, may be my relatives, may be My brothers and sisters in INDIA itself!!!)

If it were, then there wouldn't be a November 26!!!

All the world know what happened in Mumbai on Nov 26.

Firstly before speaking about more on it. . . (On the next blog.)

Let me Salute the brave hearts who lost their life for a genuine reason-for saving their Country, for saving the lives of Indians. . .

Here's the list some of braveheart Mumbai Cops and NSG Commandos, who died in the recent terror attacks in Mumbai-martyr cops .

Mumbai Policemen:
Mr. Hemant Karkare (IPS), Joint Commissioner of Police, Chief of ATS, Mumbai
Mr. Ashok Kamte (IPS), DIG, Additional Commissioner of Police, East Region, Mumbai
Mr. Vijay Salaskar, Police Inspector, Anti Extortion Cell, Mumbai
Mr. Shashank Shinde, Police Inspector, CST Railway, Mumbai
Mr. Praksh P. More, Police Sub Inspector, L.T. Marg Police Station, Mumbai
Mr. Bapusaheb Durugade, Police Sub Inspector, L.A.1, Naigaon, Mumbai
Mr. Tukaram G. Omble, Asst. Police Sub Inspector, D.B. Marg Police Station, Mumbai
Mr. Balasaheb Bhosale, Asst. Police Sub Inspector, Mumbai
Mr. Ambadas Pawar, Police Constable, Mumbai
Mr. M. Chowdhary, Police Head Constable, RPF, Mumbai
Mr. Rahul S. Shinde, Police Constable, S.R.P.F. Group X, Solapur
Mr. Mukesh B. Jadhav, Home Guard Constable, Mumbai

NSG Commandos:

Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, Officer from Bihar Regiment, On Deputation with 51 Special Action Group, NSG
Hawaldar Gajendra Singh, 51 Special Action Group, NSG

Brave Souls,

We wont forget you. . .

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Vipin said...

MY friend,
Islam is not the only religion which is against violence.The misunderstanding is created by the muslims itself.
Just quoting the principles of muslim will not make a religion great, it is the people who following it should do this.
"Telling something many times make it true". Think Then Why "a muslim nation " pakistan is in this situation Is this due to less praising of Islam in that country.NO then.......
Hey friend there r some religions other than Islam which u cannot understand even its a outer meaning....