Wednesday, December 31, 2008

As the Year 2008 Ends...


It is said that the day before new year i.e., 31st December is for making new resolutions and the day of new year is for starting the old habits again! Yes, it is right. It has been happening in my life for years!

But today on this 31st December I'm here writing this blog not for making a number of new resolutions.

It's a thanks giving post plus a simple resolution as the year 2008 going to end within a few hours.

First of all thanks to the one and only one Almighty God who created my soul and bless me to live on earth- His magnificent creation- up to this date. Thanks for blessing me with all the virtues I'm enjoying here on earth. If there is any unpleasant thing happened to me upto this date it's solely my own fault, because He has given me FREE WILL and I'm not exercising it well.

Then thanks to my dear Mother who cares me most on earth after the Almighty. I'm sure no one can ever care me like my mother. I'm confident that no one is going to care me like it. If I'm anything or anyone today, it is because of my Mother. Again thanking Almighty God for His blessing to me.

Then thanks to my younger brother for all his supports when I'm begin to fall.

Then thanks to my dear friends for their support, cooperation and help. They are-real friends-such a wonderful part of my life.

Then thanks to everyone who touched my life, heart and soul either directly or indirectly.

Thanks to everyone who make me feel that life is worth living.

With all those blessings, I can't perform academically well this year(perhaps for a few years since 2003, I think!).
That is the one and only one resolution I'm going to take on this day. That's perform academically well.

Almighty bless me. . .
All Perfect Praises belong to the Almighty alone. . .

Shinu S.

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