Sunday, January 16, 2011

'Traffic' ~ The Best Malayalam Movie I Have Ever Seen


I am not a movie critic at all! But in my opinion 'Traffic' is the best malayalam movie I have ever seen. 'Manichitratazhu' was my ever time best in malayalam before I watched 'Traffic'. No offense, Manichitratazhu will remain as a classic. If I didn't watch 'Traffic' , I would have lost faith in malayalam movie at all!

In my experience I got bored with most malayalam movies publicized as 'hit', 'super hit', 'super star rocks', 'hollywood style', 'first time in world cinema', 'universal hero' etc. Most of such movies were below zero value in all dimensions!

As a usual malayalee, I too adjust with such works & was in an attitude 'I don't care' & 'This is Malayalam Movie' etc. But 'Traffic' is simply SUPERB in ALL DIMENSIONS.

The movie 'Traffic' is simply superb & a wonderful piece of Art work. Hats off to the cast & crew of 'Traffic'. Congrats, you have done a very good job for malayalam film industry. The movie came without any 'heavenly' hype going to rock for sure.

Pros : The movie handled a lot more emotions in a very healthy way all around 2hrs. (Yes, the movie didn't try to waste our time around 3hrs by giving a foolish concept that they have saved our money! ) Director Rajesh R. Pillai deserved hearty claps for handling those so much emotions in a good way. 2 hrs of emotions indeed. (Never ever think emotions as only 'tele opera' crying emotions please!)

It was a really good effort to make a lot more within 2hrs & making it a master piece. (While most others struggling with above two & half hrs in bgm, cry & slow motion!)

Story/Script Writers Bobby and Sanjay deserved special claps as well. Without a perfect script like this, this wouldn't have happened. Perfect script. We can't find a loop hole there!

Casting of actors is well suited. They are all perfect match for the characters. Everyone perfectly suited for characters. Each & every character in it have equal importance! No Hero! No Villain! No Heroine! Everyone can be considered as Supporting Actors!

Dialogues. Wow. Heart touching lines. Conversation between SaiKumar & Collector and Anoop Menon & Jose Prakash will stay with you for a few days! SaiKumar said it in a very height of sorrow & is touching. (Watch the movie for dialogues! In Theatres!)

Director succeeded in making a movie full of thrill, suspense & emotion. All actors in it acted very well. In my opinion, especially Sai Kumar.

The movie showed all sorts of relations in a very good & healthy way. It shows us the strength of relations & how bad we feel if we ever loose those relations. (In that sense the hollywood movie 'AWAKE' is a must watch. It showed us different emotions & the bond of relations. A movie with a similar genre of heart transplant itself but in a completely different way!)

The movie showed us all how a malayalam movie could be! Before it most of the so called 'hit' makers showed us how a malayalam movie should not to be!

Thanks to Rajesh Pillai, Sanjay , Bobby & the whole crew for making such a wonderful 'Emotional Thriller'.

Cons : The movie will stay with you for a few days even after you left the theatre! A must watch malayalam movie! 'Traffic' won't let die malayalam movie which requested for a 'mercy killing'!


jen said...

yeah one loop hole..they wernt wearing seatbelts through out the that high speed..

SHINU S said...

'went without seatbelts' throughout...
mmm.. I noticed that.. not may be a loop... may be a deliberate one!