Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Monsoon On Sky

As a support for my thoughts,
As a beauty for my feelings,
As a cradle for my songs,
Monsoon started lashing
Over the land of loving.

Like a blushing lover,
Nature began to smile over,
Seeing the dancing trees,
Seeing the flying birds,
Seeing the rowing winds.

My dreams began to fly with
The wind as it gently passes,
A slow murmuring surrounds me,
That can be felt by everyone
"I can't allow you to sit gloomy!"

Shinu S.


Aryakrishna said...

Very nice poem.....

SHINU S said...

@Aryakrishna-> thank u sooo much. . . :)

SHINU S said...

@Aryakrishna-> thank you for your valuable suggestions and spotting one spelling mistake. . i corrected it. .thanks . .