Sunday, January 10, 2010

Rain From Heaven

The scintillating sound as the
Falling rain kisses the leaves,
The wet breeze which flows
Along with the rhythm of rain,
What made me peep through the window
And then walk into the blessing
As the heaven lands on our earth.

As the heaven pours on earth
I can feel the blessings it hides within.
It is the reply to our prayers.
How else can heaven respond,
To the prayer of silent lands,
To the prayer of thirsty plants?
It is the time of heaven on earth.

Is it the love of sky to the earth?
As the love pours on our earth,
As the ecstacy of blushing trees
Overcome the hurry of cool wind,
As the birds sings with the rain,
I stand quietly in the rain by praying,
Let the heaven never retreat from earth.

Shinu S.


shaheen said...

almost feels a rain from your lines.. Truly awesome..

SHINU S said...

@shaheen -> i'm delighted. . nice comment. .

Prateek said...

Very Nice Buddy..!!

SHINU S said...

@Prateek-> thank dear. . :)