Sunday, November 22, 2009

Did We Really Forget Our Evergreen Hero ?

Stage Name : Prem Nazir

Original Name : S. Abdul Khader

Born : April 7 1926

Died : January 16 1989 (Aged 62)

First Film : Marumakal (1952)

Last Film : Dhwani (1988)

Records : 1. Guinness Record for the lead role in over 700 films.
2. Guinness Record for playing opposite the same heroine (Sheela) in 107 films.
3. In 1979, 39 of his films got released.

Major Awards : The Government of India has honoured him with the Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri, the third and fourth highest civilian honours respectively, for his contribution towards Indian cinema.

In this era of sponsored programmes, I think we really forgot our evergreen hero - Prem Nazir.
Nazir was the man who revolutionized the concept of a Romantic Hero.
Nazir was the man who showed us the essential qualities of a good Hero.
Nazir was the man who introduced the fun & jovial nature of a Hero in Malayalam movies.
Nazir was the man who re-shaped malayalam film industry in a better way.
Nazir was the man who made us believe that film is an art form.

Despite all these and a number of other things he has done, we almost forgot him.
Malayalam film industry at some extent forgot the marvelous super star of an era.
No one will say sorry for this, because it's human nature. We tend to forget.

But. . .

We still Miss Prem Nazir. . .

We still Miss a Romantic Hero. . .

We still miss an Evergreen Hero. . .

Shinu S.


renjith said...

very nice blog
you forgot to add his initials
its S.Abdul Khader(S=Shahul hameed)
and Dwani released in 1989,to which he died before finishing the dubbing
works of that film...
i am a great fan of him too
try to add more and more about our evergreen hero,not as a star only but as a "human"
thank you

SHINU S said...

@Renjith-> Thank u. .

k. .i'll edit the original name again. .thanks for correcting and for the nice comment as well. .

Avaneeth said...

Yes,.. We should have to remember him.. we cannot forget a giant colossus like him... thats all ok...

But i dont think he was a man who revolutionized the concept of romantic hero... From which image of romantic hero he made a change? he reaffirm the image of a so-called romantic hero(fare skin, speaking 'good' language, singing.....) I'm not blaming. But just saying that there were no revolutionary things..

How he re-shaped the malayalam film industry..? i dont think so..
in my opinion he was not even a good actor.. He never tried to act naturally. no matter whether he is a police officer, thief, lover, husband, political leader, singer, artist, historic character, doctor,.... , he had the same style and same body language!!! one may argue that it was the style of the era. But its not a valid arguement, i think. A good actor should have the ability to cast himself to the given roll in all aspects. Otherwise he cannot be treated as great, he is mortal.

Also, we dint forget him. Everyone remember him as an actor of an era. As a good human being who loved all around him. As a generous person. We forgot many people who were really great artists than the colossus.

i never miss him... ;)

SHINU S said...

@Avaneeth-> Thank you for pointing out the errors I've made. I think , I used the word 'revolutionary' in out of context. Thanks.

I claimed (Yes, a claim!)about he re-shaped only because he was there in industry for long years and not in a very broader sense. You are right. In a broader sense we can't claim so.

Thanks. . .