Saturday, October 10, 2009

Friends – Secret Colours of Nature

Friends – Fragrance of our breathe with which
We can enjoy the taste of being alive;
Fragrance with which the garden of
Our heart blossoms with care and love;
Fragrance which will stay with our souls,
Even after our soul’s departure;
Fragrance which keep us fresh forever and ever.

Friends – Rhythm of our soul which helps us
To sing along with the silence of life;
Rhythm which feeds our longing heart;
Rhythm which keeps us in harmony with
Our nature so that we can enjoy
The music of love in everything we see;
Rhythm which thrills us forever and ever.

Friends – Intimate part of our lives with which
We can face the sorrows of life with a smile;
How clouds are intimate to humble sky,
How leaves are intimate to gentle breeze,
How seasons are intimate to moving earth,
More intimate are friends to our lives;
Intimate to our lives forever and ever.

Friends - Enthusiasm of our thoughts with which
We can climb the stairway to our dreams;
The enthusiasm which keeps us moving,
Through the struggle our life bring for us;
The enthusiasm which makes us strong ,
At heart to achieve everything we can;
Enthusiasm of our thoughts forever and ever.

Friends – Nostalgia of our minds with which
A feeling of loneliness is felt at the heart in their absence;
Nostalgia which makes us believe that
Time is too much precious in their presence;
Nostalgia which makes our minds travel,
Through time and keeps with us those precious moments;
Nostalgia of our mind forever and ever.

Friends - Dearest of our hearts with which
We can count every seconds our heart beats for them;
How stars are dearest to night,
How colours are dearest to rainbow,
How winds are dearest to sunset,
More dearest are friends to our hearts;
Dearest of our heart forever and ever.

Friends – Sweetness of our vision with which,
The beauty of life can be felt at each second;
Sweetness which came as a response from heaven,
For the longing desire of our soul to be happy;
Sweetness with which a new world of,
Our own is build out of joy and passion;
Radiance of sweetness forever and ever.

Shinu S.


SHINU S said...

~ Dedicated to all my Good FRIENDS ~

F - Fragrance
R - Rhythm
I - Intimate
E - Enthusiasm
N - Nostalgia
D - Dearest
S - Sweetness

Avaneeth said...

wow! what a picture. really apt for friends... pala nirathilum tharathilumulla koottukaar... vellam pole ozhukipparakkunnu,ullilekku... enkilum aa niravum tharavum gunavum nilanirthikkonduthanne... nammude mazhavil-souhrudangal...

fantastic selection of picture...


Avaneeth said...

wow! what a picture..

pala nirathilum tharathilumulla koottukaar... vellam pole ozhuki ullilethunnavar... kulirupakarunnavar... enkilum aa nirangalum tharangalum nilanirthunnavar... nammude mazhavil-souhrudangal....

very good selection of picture...

SHINU S said...

@ avaneeth

Thank you. . . and I find it very difficult to find an apt picture for the title 'Friends'. I tried a lot of different google searches and come up with this one! It took me more than half an hour to search for the picture!