Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Great Tribute to the One Man Army - Michael Jackson.


This post is to pay a great tribute to the one man army - Michael Jackson - who revolutionized the modern music on earth. Everyone is sure for one thing , there won't be another Michael Jackson on earth here after! And no one can be him as far as music is concerned. Also people on earth know that the thriller gone but the thrill of his music will remain here. We love your music, we don't care about how much controversies you were in. We don't know about you personally, we know you only by your music not by the controversies you made. So Rest In Peace. We know you inspired people positively. We know you tried to change the world. We know you were a good musician.

A few of my favourite songs of late MJ.

Shinu S.


obaid said...

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SHINU S said...

@ Obaid

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