Tuesday, April 14, 2009

RAGGING. Are we in favour of it ?

Latest Known Victim : P.S.Akhil Dev, 19 yr old, first year BBM student of PSG Arts and Science
College, Coimbatore.
Date : March 7, 2009.
Event & Venue : Akhil was brutally ragged by 5 of his seniors in his private hostel room.
Now : The victim suffering from serious mental trauma, serious injuries to eyes (9 holes in his retina) and ears.
Usual after effects : Coverage news for media for two or three days



These things forced me think that we are in favour of ragging.
Just think for a while...
How many ragging cases before this incident ?
How many flash news about ragging before ?
How many anguished parents before ?
(There were cases that seniors even raped juniors in the name of ragging!)

But NO USE. We can't curb this menace yet. Why ?

Quoting the words of victim's father, Sunil Paremeswaran "Such a thing would never happen to anyone else in future".

One question : Is this is the first time he came to hear about the very bad side of ragging ?

How many times it thundered before ?

Remember, there are millions of parents awaiting to utter these same sentense in vain!

The very funny part is that, words of victim's father itself, "This was not the first time
the boy was beaten." (?!!)

Where were his parents at that time ?

50% of the responsibility of all ragging cases is with the victim itself.

Why do they allow someone to humiliate them ?
Why do they allow someone to harass them ?
Why do they allow someone to insult them ?

What makes your seniors better than you ?
Don't you have a character ? Don't you have a personality ?
Are you a slave of you seniors ?

Let us wait and see...

In the hope that we will get more victims and more brutal stories in future!
Because we are not ready to respond. We are adjusting. Let it be...

Shinu S.

Note : Now I'm doing my PG and till date I didn't allow myself to fall as a prey to seniors for ragging. But they have approached me !


Freelancing work said...

Although ragging is fun to seniors but I didn't take part in it as I simply hate it! I think its not a healthy habit!!

SHINU S said...

@ Freelancing work

Yes. . .