Saturday, February 21, 2009

Does India really need a change ?

Note : Please don't consider this post as a mere description or review of a movie. Because this post at one point mentioned about a recently released bollywood movie. I did so, because I found some very positive elements in that movie which is relevant to my current post. I’m not a movie critic! I’m just writing about an urgent change need to be taken by all Indians for our country’s progress.


Do we really need a change ? Do we really lacks something which will help us in the development of our country in every walk of life ?

In my opinion, it is a big YES ! We really lacks unity among people ! Now a days people are divided and trying to divide - not on the basis of territory – but on the basis of their own faith;their religion!! A very pathetic cum shameful condition. Above 50% of problems we are facing is created by it!!

Remember it is in a country which once boasted of it’s ‘Unity in Diversity’.
Remember it is from one of the largest secular countries in the world.
Remember it is now in a country which has achieved great things (socially, scientifically, economically) when people were stand united and worked together.
Remember nothing great can be achieved if we stand divided (on any grounds). If we do it, then we will definitely fall and fail!

No religion in the whole world teaches it ‘s followers to hate the other followers. If it were, then it won’t be a religion and it can’t be. There is no proof from the history that any acharyas/gurus/prophets of any religion said so ! Then why do the followers of it do the other way round ?

We need to work united, live united, stand united. After all we are living in the same country and were created by the same creator ! Then why do we and for what purpose ?

A recently released bollywood movie – Delhi 6 – depicts very strategically and in a very positive way, how these real problems were created. It shows us very tactically how can we solve these problems. It shows us how beautiful the life will be with religious harmony and how worst it could be in the middle of religious hatred ! It urges us to change our focus and kill ‘the kaala bandhar’ in our own minds to make life on earth so beautiful.
The director assures us – Indians – via the hero of the movie that, ’India works ; the people make it works’. Definitely, on the basement of unity and religious harmony ‘INDIA WILL WORK ; WE WILL MAKE IT WORK’.

If we are ready to do it, then we can wipe off all kinds of anti social elements from our mother India. If we do so, we can alleviate the social insecurities, we can alleviate poverty, we can alleviate the violence and so on.

All we need to do is change our negative mind settings and change the mind sets of coming generations and present generation in a very positive way.
Teach them love, teach them religious harmony, teach them life.
Let they live in a beautiful and wonderful world in general and a wonderful India in particular.

Remember Indian history taught us
American president is not going to change our lives and solve our problems ! They have their own problems. Let us ourselves change our life here.

Shinu S.